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Re: HM-2040 Build
« Reply #120 on: March 23, 2024, 04:06:51 PM »
Hi All,

Just a quick update without much progress.  I did finally get through the DMV and got my license plates about a month ago or so, and within weeks, the registration came up due for renewal!  Obviously due to the fact that I started the Reg process LAST March, and it took a whole 11 months to wind through it. 

Developed a high idle issue with the Holley sniper, which really makes the car a bear to drive.  Just seemed to have that sorted out now, which took a new IAC valve.

Going to replace the fuel sender as I'm getting very poor performance of the fuel gauge.  Also getting fuel starvation at low fuel levels.  My tank is 9.5" deep, and I will start to get fuel starvation around tighter turns, with the gas at about 2.5" up from the bottom.  Yet another perk of a carburetor...  Not sure if this is within normal limits, or if my fuel pickup is not having a good time down at the bottom of the tank.

The rear suspension is still working quietly, thanks to replacing the rod ends with the FK brand units.  I'm not having any noises in the front at this time, and I probably have about 500 miles on the car.

I'm ready to consolidate my efforts and get to fitting the interior aluminum panels, in order to seal up the cockpit and prepare for the carpet.  I actually have no idea how those panels are attached to the body/tub, so thats what brought me back on the site to look around!

Plans for paint are on hold until I'm really happy with the car.  I also hear a lot of horror stories of people's cars getting sequestered for long periods of time at the painters, not something I want to deal with. 

Still playing with the suspension and trying to get a good plush ride.  I think one of the problems is that so many of the roads where I live are just awful and rough.  You have to get quite a ways out of town to find smoothing winding roads to enjoy, so I'm still aiming at getting a plush ride for around town so I'm more motivated to drive it. 

I see that there is one newer kit than mine, HM2041!  I think I got some of your stuff in my initial shipment  ;D
HM-2040, shipped 09/01/2022.
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Re: HM-2040 Build
« Reply #121 on: June 12, 2024, 07:29:50 PM »
Have you been putting miles on Kamal?