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Build Pictures / HM-2005 Build Thread
« on: July 25, 2016, 04:36:54 pm »
I had my unfinished car on display at the 2016 Texas Cobra Club meet this year.  I have brought it in its current state every year since I started it back in 2011.  Steve and Jason from Hurricane were at the TCC again this year to enjoy the meet and festivities.  Steve had asked I post on the Hurricane forum how I have done things during my build.  He said they might be very helpful to the other guys that are currently building their cars.  So, I will use this thread to post some of the things I have fabricated, reworked or have added to my car.  There won't be any particular order in how I post stuff up, just whatever I'm thinking of at that time.  It may take awhile to get everything posted.  Plus it will give me something to do during these 100 plus degree days when it's too hot to be out in the garage.

Attached is a couple of pictures of my car at the TCC this year in front of the Hurricane trailer and with the company car. 

John Shelton gets credit for the red rag wheel stop!!


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