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General Questions / 2017 Texas Cobra Meet - pictures
« on: May 24, 2017, 10:54:27 pm »
Our annual statewide Spring Meet was March 29 to April 2nd, once again in the beautiful Texas Hill Country.  This year we had the pleasure of having guests from Missouri: Mark and Johnna McKinnis, and Mark's parents Mike and Kem McKinnis.    Mark and Mike recently completed HM2006 and boy is it beautiful.   We also met Sam Reynolds (HM1076) who recently moving to San Antonio although I didn't get to see his Hurricane on Saturday.    Dave Firebaugh brought his beautiful red Hurricane cobra with ghost flames and 8-stack EFI all the way from Ohio, with George Dalton from the Ohio Cobra Club trailer once again.

I didn't get pictures of Gregg Herdlitchka (HM1037), Richard Parker (HM1005), Nathan Parker (HM100?), Kurt "BigDaddyFrog Cajun Hibachi" Curole (HM1111), did I miss any other Hurricane cars in attendance?

The Hurricane Motorsports trailer was brought down by Hurricane builder-extraordinaire Jason Kruse. Great to see Jason again!

Left to right: HM2006 (McKinnis), Hurricane demo car, HM1074 (Dave Firebaugh )

Dave's beautiful small block EFI :

Mark and Johnna McKinnis taking HM2006 out for a shake down:

Mike and Kem McKinnis (HM2006):

This year since Russ Rittimann's HM2005 is in the paint booth, I got to bring down my build-in-progress HM2008 to display with the Hurricane trailer.  It got a lot of attention and scrutiny.  Thankfully, mostly positive comments ;)

"BigDaddyFrog" Kurt Curole (HM1111) serving up some amazing fried alligator off his "Cajun Hibachi"!

Sorry this isn't a Hurricane.  Its just a multi-million dollar original Shelby competition 427 Cobra - George Thompson's CSX3020!

Arial shots of our home base at the San Marcos Embassy Suites hotel and convention center, courtesy of James Yale (Radical Roasters of Texas):

Time to hit the road!  With John Shelton (HM1038):

McKinnis' HM2006 :

Ken Walker (HM1015):

Lunch stop at the world-famous Salt Like BBQ in Driftwood, Texas- mmmmmm!

Dang it!  While we were eating delicous BBQ the rains came.  Time to bug out!

Watching the radar, we decided instead of going east where the rain was going we would go west for more adventure.  The sun came back out on the road to Luckenbach. Yay!

Enjoying some liquid refreshment and fantastic music on the back stage of Luckenbach:

Heading south from Luckenbach we stopped at a friend's bar in the small town of Sisterdale:

I built and donated a one-of-a-kind custom set of "Texas Cobra Club" Cornhole board game for the silent auction during the banquet, all proceeds going to Ohio Cobra Club's cystic fibrosis charity fund.   I believe the winner took them out of state. Hope they are being enjoyed!

The Usual Suspects lineup:  Mark McKinnis (HM2006), Mike McKinnis (HM2006), Russ Rittimann (HM2005), John Shelton (HM1038), Bob Worley (HM2008)

Well that's it.   I took less pictures this year and just enjoyed living in the moment for a change.  I apologize, I know I missed a lot of names and faces.  I need to take more pictures of people than cobras.   

If anyone has pictures of the event to share add them to this thread please!


General Questions / 2016 Texas Cobra Meet
« on: March 24, 2016, 09:45:37 pm »
Its almost that time again!    The annual Texas Cobra Meet based in San Marcos, Texas is next week/weekend.  As of 03.20.16 we have 125 cars registered with a total of 213 drivers and guests.

Every year since as least 2012 our favorite replica builder company from Iowa, Hurricane Motorsports has made the trek down to Texas with their demo car and trailer and helped support this event.   This year will be no exception.

Once again we'll have a Hurricane Family Reunion around the HMS trailer each night, I'm sure.   Hurricane owners bringing their cobras are:  Ken Walker, John Shelton, Gregg Herdlitchka, Richard Parker, Nathan Parker, Mike Robbins, Steve Sinnard (HMS President). Owners coming with builds in progress are: Russ Rittimann, Bob Worley, George Daulton (Ohio Cobra Club).  If I missed anyone please forgive me.   

Looking forward to seeing everyone again!  I'll try to post updates and pics here as I can.

General Questions / Texas Cobra Club 2015 Spring Meet
« on: April 01, 2015, 11:37:02 am »
Jason Kruse brought the Hurricane trailer and company car down from Iowa last week - we had an impromptu family reunion photoshoot at the meet:

Right to left: 
HM1015 (Ken Walker)
HM1038 (John Shelton)
HM1037 (Gregg Herditchka)
HM2005 (Russ Rittiman - under construction)
HM1111 (Kirk Curole)
HM20?? (Hurricane Demo car)

Left to Right: 
HM1037 (Gregg Herditchka)
HM1038 (John Shelton)
HM1015 (ken walker)

Before we left on the 275 mile drive to San Marcos Texas down Hwy 67 to 281, John Shelton stopped by my garage with HM1038, here with my HM2008 (under construction):

Build Pictures / HM2008 Build
« on: June 05, 2013, 11:48:30 am »
Slowly making progress....

General Questions / moved
« on: June 19, 2012, 10:28:20 pm »

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