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For Sale / Looking at Selling HM1076
« on: November 03, 2016, 03:06:03 pm »
I'll be moving to San Antonio, Tx in the next few months and am thinking of selling my Cobra rather than ship it. I am looking for some input on what I should ask for it. I have done some looking at the classified ads on Cobra Club and see what they are asking in general, but didn't see any info on what cars are selling for. I have pics posted in the build section so you can use as a reference to give me your inputs. Thanks.


Finished Kit Pictures / HM 1076 Calling it Done
« on: May 03, 2015, 06:09:45 pm »
Guess it is time to post some pics. The car has been done except for some minor items I still want to do, but if I wait for everything to be as I would like it I would probably never say it is finished. Here are some pics.

Build Pictures / HM 1076 Build Pics
« on: October 21, 2012, 04:10:32 pm »
Ok, several have asked if I had any build pics to post, so I'll give it a try. Hope it works.

General Questions / Staged Builds?
« on: January 03, 2012, 10:46:01 am »
Steve/Dusty, I see in the latest Kit Car Builder Mag. that the HM advertisement mentions staged builds starting at $8495. Can you tell us more about this and when will the details be posted on the HM website? Sounds like a good alternative for future customer builds.

Regards, Sam

General Questions / Happy New Year!! 1-1-11
« on: January 01, 2011, 09:27:37 am »
Happy New Year to all the Hurricane family. Hope you all survived 2010 in good shape and that 2011 will be an excellent year for all.


General Questions / Factory Visit
« on: September 24, 2010, 06:24:35 pm »
I was in Iowa on a pleasure/business trip and visited HM in Lake City on 9/20. Monty Rohrbeck the Plant Mgr. took my wife and I on a tour of the HM facility, which is shared with their Vet box business ( the Vet box is a custom made fiberglas covered box the fits on the back of a pickup truck and cares all the Vet's supplies and has refrigeration plus hot and cold running water---not what I thought a Vet box was, for some reason I had pictured a Vet box as one of those fiberglas cages that you keep your pet in.) They had just shipped a kit a few days before, so I missed that. They did have a body mounted on a frame that will be a turn key minus car. The body was amazing..if you wanted a black car, you could almost get away with sanding the mold lines and touching up with black paint. I also saw a new mold for the brake duct inlets plus the molds for all the other body parts. There was a new body ready to come out of the mold as well. After taking the tour, it is very apparent that Hurricane Motorsports is in good hands given the depth of manufacturing experience/support that is available to support the product. I was also able to see first hand the updates/implovements that the Lake City guys have made to the chassis (not that the original chassis was bad, just some very nice product improvements). In fact after the tour, my wife said I needed to hurry up and finish my car and then build a new one. At anyrate, anybody looking to build a Cobra replica really needs to seriously consider this Hurricane, plus I can tell the guys at Hurricane will be great to work with. The guys were getting the 99 factory car ready for Run n Gun.

Regards, Sam

General Questions / HM1076 Checking in--Engine Questions
« on: January 20, 2007, 05:17:49 pm »
Hello folks....I'm awaiting the arrival of my car, which is now targeted for mid Feb., so you all should probably get ready for a lot of questions. I know just enough to be really dangerous. Mike (66rdster) lives close to me and has already been a tremendous help as has Ryan Cassidy's build site. Mike will most likely feel the brunt of most of my questions. Just keep in mind...I take direction well. My car will be a cruiser and I'm planning to use a small block Ford with a T5 trans. I have been using my wait time to try and make a final decision on the engine, which brings me to my first questions. I have made some contacts with several possible suppliers, but have run across a couple on ebay that appear to be possiblities and I would some feedback on, if you have any. Has anybody used them, know anything about them,ets,etc,? The first is Phoenix Engine guessed Phoenix, Az. The second is Faster 5.0 which is located in Charleston, SC. I am probably less concerned about Faster 5.0, since they are about 3 hrs. from me and if they turn out to be promising I can go check them out in person. Well this is it for my first post.

Thanks, Sam

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