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Title: Anyone track their Cobra?
Post by: Julian on February 09, 2019, 02:44:37 pm
I am in the market for a Cobra kit, I am looking for a well-rounded car to go on the road courses and of course, the drag strip too. I prefer independent rear suspension so if anyone that has an independent rear suspension hurricane that is tragic car could you please tell me your experiences with it.
Title: Re: Anyone track their Cobra?
Post by: Paul Proefrock on February 09, 2019, 08:13:42 pm
I track my GenI Hurricane w/IRS - performs great. Building a GenII w/IRS and plan to track it also.

You'll get all kinds of comments that you 'want' a straight axle for drag racing but I don't agree with this. IRS holds up fine to drag racing, also.

If you are a serious drag racer and start concentrating on making the car hook up, you probably will switch to a straight axle since it is extremely difficult to get a 3000 lb car with 12" wide tires to get any type of traction. To get wider tires/slicks under one, you'll be forced to a modified straight axle. With the IRS, the uprights can get in the way of any wider rims.
Title: Re: Anyone track their Cobra?
Post by: Julian on February 11, 2019, 08:27:17 pm
Hi Paul!

Thank you for the response! I really appreciate it. I'm actually trying to do a well-rounded car instead of being great at one thing. I have done the drag racing thing in my younger days. back in those days I had a shop, I had a Grand National (3700lbs) that ran 10.3s at 136 miles an hour through the exhaust. And my father's first brand new car, 72 GS stage 1(3800lbs) with a nice healthy Buick big block at ran 10.2s at 138 through the exhaust.

So with that all being said having a car on the road course will be new to me even though I did work as a pit crew member on one of the teams at the 1996 24 hours of Daytona! :-)

I have plans with the axles and the IRS system to upgrade them. Which by the way what system are they using 31 spline or 28 spline axles? Anyhow, I would really like a good handling and responsive cobra. what's my buddy taking his c7 ZO6 to Watkins Glen, vir, Atlanta, and other tracks I'd like to accompany  him and his buddy with a ZR1 with my cobra.

I know that CSX 3107 has 19 inch wheels on it and the engine isn't stock as he said he swings at engine close to 9000 RPMs, and the suspension frame is all tweaked. But I don't know about doing on the autocross